6YE 171 D(E)-Cup from RosemaryDoll

The doll has the evo skeleton, articulated fingers, standing feet, gel breasts and an vagina insert. All was as specified, it was the fastest (just 1 month) from order to delivery so far. The one complaint I have is that there was no notification that the doll was handed over to UPS so the package… Read More »

Buy with confidence!

As a first time buyer after 10 years of browsing dolls, I want to thank Rosemary for their exemplary service and wonderful deals. Their discount and free upgrade options turned a decade long dream into a wonderful reality. Sue and Raven were a pleasure to communicate with, answering any questions promptly and providing status updates… Read More »

47 Year Old Virgin

A great company. Honest, reliable site that gives you all relative information like weight and height in purchasing the right doll for you. Weight is important if you have mobility problems. Also, consider which vagina to choose fixed or removable if you have problems with your hands. Both have pros and cons. So, you should… Read More »

Legit Site – Great Service

I ordered a WM custom, and then a Starpery RTS doll while waiting on the WM. Shipping was as fast as stated on the "ready-to-ship" and the time frame for the custom. Both arrived as good as can be expected. Customer service was also very helpful, and would normally respond the same day. I will… Read More »