Rosemary Dolls Experience

Throughout my order and others on the site, I’ve had prompt help and answers given for my questions. My order initially had the wrong item, and Rosemary made a prompt effort to get me the right item within the week and have it shipped with haste. This industry suffers a lot of insecurity on the… Read More »

My WM DOLL Katie

I’m Patrick Baggins and this is my WM DOLL Katie… she is a 5 ‘0… L cup breasts that I have had for 6 years now. She is made of TPE Material. I photograph her laying down or on a vertical position as to not let the weight of her breasts cause stretching and tearing… Read More »

Pictures of Isabel

As for Bela, I used a different wig for her, other than the two she came with. I like Bangs on my Girls. And in that photo, she had a bath and is ready for bed. After a night of wonderful cuddling, it was morning coffee on the patio the next morning. Product: 166cm/5ft5 H-cup… Read More »

June Isabelle

I had an open account and decided to close it with the purchase of the 166 cm June Isabelle Doll. I purchased the in-stock Doll which came with EVO Gel Breast and two wigs. However, I had one blonde wig with bangs which looks great on her. She BBW, Tan Skin thick thighs, and delicate… Read More »

Anime Doll By Dolls Castle

So browsing this website i came across this lovely lass and thought i have to have her, so looking for a vendor i found Rosemarydoll and decided that this was the one. Ok so i placed the order on May 16 2024 Factory photos on Wed June 12th and delivered today Thursday June 27th. She… Read More »

The Best online sex doll shop.

I spent almost 3 weeks looking at various online shops to buy a sex doll. I wanted to make sure about the product quality and avoid any kind of scams or hidden fees. I was always coming back to RosemaryDoll because their Website is great, they offer amazing products and they have the best deals.… Read More »

5’2” Bridget Doll – She is stacked!

My companion that I’ve named Sammy is a delight to be around. She really is a great listener and is tuned in to me. Her breasts a larger than a normal woman’s but she uses them yo keep my attention. She is a little thin and has tiny feet but her looks overwhelm me. If… Read More »

The Best of the Best

The staff at Rosemarydoll is simply incredible - helpful every step of the way, as well as offering help or advice as needed. An individual could not hope to find a company that better caters to a customer's needs and wants - if all companies were run this way, there would never be any complaints… Read More »