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Lovely all day

Wonderful looking doll head. Very cute and very soft face! Very sweet sincere and innocent. Reviewed By Phlip Product: WM Sex Doll Heads

Rosemarydoll is simply the best!

If you’re wondering whether or not rosemarydoll is legit I hope this review puts your mind at ease. I bought my wife a new head for our doll, a WM #55 head and everything went so smoothly and the head arrived quickly with UPS. I can’t wait to place my next doll order from rosemarydoll.… Read More »

A great investment

This was quite a long time coming for me. I researched, searched, and researched some more until I came to RosemaryDoll. I was interested in the cheaper dolls, but after much careful consideration came to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. I mean, just look at the photos! Effie is gorgeous! I'm… Read More »

Just Great!

If you're having doubts? RosemaryDoll is where to get your doll from. Email question answered the next day, you can call and actually talk to someone if not they'll call you back. They'll send you pictures of your order before sending to you which is good bc I didn't like the way she turned out… Read More »