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Piper doll Ariel

She’s a very beautiful doll. Excellent workmanship I only wish she had jointed fingers to make them more realistic. Jackie loves Ariel very much. She’s so happy she arrived. Reviewed By Henry G. Product: Piper TPE Sex Doll - Ariel

Better than expected.

I’m surprised by how good this looks and feels in person. Only thing is that I didn’t realize just how oily these dolls are. I gave her several baths and powdered her up, but still can’t touch her without my hands getting a bit oily. Overall though I have been very happy about the quality… Read More »

Perfect, exact

Product came exceptionally fast turnaround time very well packaged and a trusted brand. If there's any doubts have confidence here. Reviewed By MICHAEL Product: 150cm/4ft11 N-cup TPE Sex Doll - Jessica

Prompt responsiveness & excellent customer

Prompt responsiveness & excellent customer service. They not only put forth the effort to provide the best quality products, but they make sure to deliver them quickly. A very nice & well-designed doll. She's got great form & curvature, without being overly disproportionate. Her facial expression is both cool & sexy. Reviewed By Riley Product:… Read More »

Jessica piperdoll so amazing

Jessica is my first purchase and I have zero regrets. In fact I'm already thinking about purchasing the silicone version of her just to spread the mileage between the two. It's hard to take a break from her. So soft and retains body heat so well that you'd swear there was blood running through her… Read More »