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WOW!!!!!!! Just, WOW!!!!

The people at Rosemary Doll are SO patient for a first-time purchaser! And they give better prices and more options than the distributors they sell for?! Lol! Go ahead and compare! No, you didn't choose incorrectly. You chose correctly! Rosemary Doll will take care of your intimacy! WARNING! DO NOT HANDLE YOUR DOLL WHEN YOU'RE… Read More »

Kitty is AMAZING!

I love how large & solid the breasts feel. At first, I thought her breasts would look the same lying down as if she were standing up, but no. They do fall to the side like real breasts. The wigs feel real and are easy to comb. TPE has a smell, but only if you… Read More »

This TPE Doll feels so real!

This TPE Doll feels so real and looks absolutely stunning, she a great addition to my collection. RosemaryDoll is a fantastic seller A+++! Reviewed By Lukas Product: 153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Frantiska

Excellent everything.

Excellent everything. Complete success! Would recommend to anybody with depression or suicidal issues. Reviewed By Jerod S. Product: 148cm/4ft10 H-cup TPE Sex Doll - Jenny