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By | May 16, 2023
The people at Rosemary Doll are SO patient for a first-time purchaser! And they give better prices and more options than the distributors they sell for?! Lol! Go ahead and compare! No, you didn’t choose incorrectly. You chose correctly! Rosemary Doll will take care of your intimacy! WARNING! DO NOT HANDLE YOUR DOLL WHEN YOU’RE DRINKING OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE! The dolls require CAREFUL handling to ensure that they’re protected from damage! TPE is the BEST option! Nope! TPE is your BEST option! FORGET the horror stories you hear about TPE! They’re just MARKETING stories and NOT horror stories! SPOILERS! TPE doesn’t stink! I live in a household where my doll MUST be kept SECRET! She doesn’t stink at all! And I just got her yesterday! Also, ASK FOR EXTRA PACKAGING for your doll! You won’t regret it! My doll is as follows (custom build:) Body: Rosaire (WM doll 160cm, A-cup) Head #1: #188 (Annabelle) Hair: #11 (Vidonia) Eye Color: #4 Lip Finish: coated Head #2: #193 (Mavis) Hair: #15 (Ella from WM dolls, because Mavis’ beautiful wig was unavailable) Eye Color: #3 (but there was a mixup in my drunken requests and I received #6 instead-my fault but I don’t regret it!) Lips: WM doll Julie <- SPECIAL request that isn’t an option! Lip finish: coated Notice how I requested customization from dolls that are not normally available in the menu options? Yes! Rosemary Dolls can help you with that, too! So that means you need to BROWSE, BROWSE and BROWSE again! NOTE: Do NOT order heads from incompatible manufacturers! It’s not JUST about the connectors. It’s about the skin tone! Even if a manufacturer can make a head that fits the body you ordered, they will NEVER get the skin tone right! WM and YL are basically the same company! Ask the rep at Rosemary Dolls if you have more questions.

Reviewed By  Michael W.
Product: YL 151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll

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