THE Best Torso Doll ever from a great Vendor

By | July 10, 2023
And holy shit, I can’t put into words how impressed I am. She is everything I hoped she turns out to be, plus some!! One last thing to mention, the crew at RosemaryDoll has played a key role in this experience. Lots of things have gone wrong in the process, but they kept on top of things and kept the communications going. They kept detailed archives of my order, they are transparent about the process, and instead of disappearing on me, or just straight up lying to me like certain vendors I had to deal with in the past. These guys kept it legit. So good job for keeping your business clean and professional. Thank you again Rosemary Doll team, this purchase is great and I will be giving your more business in the future!!

Reviewed By  thunderbreak
Product: 90cm/2ft11 N-cup TPE Sex Doll Torso – Novia Lucius

2 thoughts on “THE Best Torso Doll ever from a great Vendor

  1. Rowell Jeffrey

    I can’t even see what her vagina looks like to give a proper comment


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