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First time RosemaryDoll order!

Customer support is 10/10 very quick replies I really like that. I had a few concerns about the doll and rosemary did a great job with the help. would definitely do more orders with them. Cheers! Reviewed By Gennadiy N. Product: 164cm/5ft5 G-cup TPE Sex Doll - Anslow

Beautiful Doll

Rosemary doll team will help you with all of your questions, quickly and accurately. Real pleasure to deal with them. WMDOLLS Takes a little longer to complete to final shipment, but it's well worth the wait. Reviewed By Charles W. Product: 163cm/5ft4 C-cup TPE Sex Doll

Vicky F cup

I was skeptical about ordering something I liked and getting something totally different. Rosemary came through and I was blown away! The ass is fantastic and tits are massive and feel so real!! Can’t keep my hands off of it and makes a great snuggle partner after a long day. If you are worried about… Read More »