150D XT-20b and XT-22 head review

By | May 22, 2024

Hello everyone
here is my review of the 150D.

I ordered her from rosemarydoll, they have been super good and quick to respond.
I placed my order D. 13/3-2024, 14/3 my order was confirmed and sent to XT-Doll.
15/4-2024 I got confirmation, that she was finished and received factory pictures.
19/4-2024 I received shipping info, Was told it would take about 3 weeks to my country.
rosemarydoll wanted to make sure I didn’t have to pay import tax. import tax in Denmark is 25% VAT + 8% customs duty, that saves me a total of 760,00 USD :O
I can wait a few more weeks and save money 🙂
15/5-2024 she was delivered 😀

Now to the fun part
XT-Doll 150D
XT-22 head, soft silicone, movable jaw and Sky blue eyes
XT-20-B head, soft silicone, movable jaw and blue eyes
Nature Skin
Gel Breast
Ultra soft but
Ultra soft vagina
Zero reverse thrust vagina
Interactive feedback legs
Hard hands
Articulated fingers
Standing hardfeet whitout bolts
Realism body paint

I chose this model because I like a smaller figure, but also because it is super light in weight.
I can lift a 40 kg doll, but it’s much more fun to lift 20 kg, it makes it much easier to move her, when you have to do a photo shoot and so on.

XT-doll has good packaging, there were a few small dents in the box, but no damage to the content.
I am very impressed with their work, really nice makeup and details.
she is really soft, compared to the old tpe doll i had and much more realistic.
she weighs a little more than expected (25.3 kg), it must be said, that my scale is not quite accurate, it differs 1 kg +.
25,3kg is with head, gel breast, soft but and Interactive feedback legs. it is still 11kg less than my old tpe doll, so I am completely satisfied.
breasts and but are very soft and feels good. vagina also feels soft, it`s tight when the legs are closed, but perfect when you open them a little. but it`s is also a matter of taste and how big a gun you have.

Interactive feedback legs Hmm…
I like them but there is also a negative side, it’s good when you have fun with her.
but it is impossible to make her stand up by herself, when you try, she sways and tumbles in all directions.
it makes it difficult to do a photo shoot, where she`s stands up without having to hold on to something. just like when i’m drunk :glou:
but apart from her not being able to stand by herself, I think it works well.

If you have any questions or would like a specific picture, I will do my best to answer it. 🙂
I’m not the best at writing in English, but I hope you can read it xD

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