163 G Jin Tease From RosemaryDoll

By | January 10, 2024

I received my doll from Rosemarydoll last week on Jan 2nd. It arrived earlier than the timeline. However, since it was New Year, I had family over and could pick up until Jan 4th. Yes, it was 125 lb. I believe it was due to the headstand and some other accessories they gave me and I have heating 3.0. Let me tell you guys, it was not fun moving her from FedEx to my house without help. FedEx members asked what it was, and I straight up said it was a telescope haha. Here was the part I worried the most, unloading and carrying it to my house with curbs and small steps. There was no way I would have moved it without a dolly (moving dolly) with wheels. Even then, I eventually had one of my family members help me move her inside the house. Get yourself a Hardwood Dolly once inside the house! it was easy to move the box around the house once the box was on the Hardwood Dolly

I also have to wait to be home alone to open the box. Why does everyone ask so many questions of what it was and what I am going to do? Everyone who saw the box asked what it was! I even got a small closet to hide my other doll 171D. The white closet on the right. Looks like Starpery added those wooded panels around the doll to prevent impact during shipping. I don’t see any damage from the opening. I’ll show more after I settle her in.

I still got to wash her. For now, some pictures

2 thoughts on “163 G Jin Tease From RosemaryDoll

  1. Francesco

    Hi, wow that’s a good one. I saw on the link that this model is marked as “with silicone head”, so I assume that the body should be in TPE, right? However, by looking at your pictures, it seems to me that she is 100% silicone… am I right? If not, we’ll, I have to say she has a lot of details already, for a TPE body. What is the “feeling” by touching her anyway? I’m about to choose my first sex doll and I’m still unsure about the body material… Tnx and have a great day!


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