Beautiful Doll and a Legit Doll Seller!

By | April 27, 2022

First time owner and very happy with my purchase. Buying one of these dolls was a bit nerve racking due to all of the misinformation and what seems to be an infinite amount bogus sites selling knock offs. I decided to pull the trigger and go with Rosemary Doll because of the insane level of help and information on purchasing and other helpful hints about these dolls. I’m happy to say I made the right choice. The doll arrived exactly as described/pictured and had all of the proper accessories and authenticity information to verify that it was indeed a legit WM Doll. As for the doll itself. I’m completely happy with the doll. She’s beautiful and is a lot of fun to play with. If you’re also a first time buyer I highly recommend going through the site’s information. There’s a lot care and maintenance that goes along with buying something like this that I never would of considered beforehand. I’d definitely recommend buying from RosemaryDoll and the Miranda doll (if she’s the type of girl you like that is.)

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