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I actually bought this

First off, well worth it. Face looks slightly different than pics, but equally as good. In the dark, she looks super realistic. This is my third doll and she is beautiful. I am looking forward to buying more in the future. I suggest 35k+ yearly income to afford this. Reviewed By John Product: 164cm/5ft5 H-cup… Read More »

It was an amazing experience.

Originally I was going to go with the cheaper more attractive (to me) sex doll that was just the ass, however, some friends thought this would be funny and I agreed. Without doubt, it is a little unsettling to have a tiny torso in your possession. I was more than a little hesitant to use… Read More »

Surprisingly amazing!

The feeling of using it, in my opinion, is far superior to any and all Fleshlights/masturbators. I have used masturbators before and while objectively they felt better in every way to a hand, I never used them as it didn't add enough to masturbation to make it worth while. The weight, size, and rigidity adds… Read More »

Definitely worth every penny.

Actually, I've owned an identical doll as this but I've definitely enjoyed this one. The weight is great for me, but it might be too heavy for others. The texture of the inner crevices and the backbone on this doll makes it stand out. The back support makes it manageable to use. The sturdiness makes… Read More »

Super Realistic Doll!

Wonderful details! The two holes are extremely tight and will eventually create a nice suction. The feel will be amazing if you use plenty of lube. Grab 2 perky breasts for your enjoyment as well. It is worth the money and is probably the most comfortable adult products I own. If you're considering a doll… Read More »