Surprisingly amazing!

By | December 1, 2020

The feeling of using it, in my opinion, is far superior to any and all Fleshlights/masturbators. I have used masturbators before and while objectively they felt better in every way to a hand, I never used them as it didn’t add enough to masturbation to make it worth while. The weight, size, and rigidity adds a lot to the experience, more than you Read more about review stating Surprisingly amazing!would think. Combined with the feel of the holes themself it was an amazing experience.
Quick summary: good material, good build, strong stretchy holes, holes are long enough to accommodate 99% of penises, has a rigid “spine” keeping it from being floppy, tits are too small for ~6.5 inch penis to use, anus is tighter than vagina, and it is not human sized but is much bigger than most Fleshlights. Very pleased with it.

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