Just got factory photos of my first doll (Aerith from Gamelady doll).

By | January 20, 2023

I will share the final images along with outfits once it arrives (I chose some lingerie and also her original FF7 outfit).

A few other items I agonized over a bit as a first-time doll owner but hopefully turn out to be good decisions:

  • I went with non-standing feet because I am a huge foot fetish guy and wanted the feet in all their glory without the metal studs. Hoping that decision works out!
  • I went with a fixed vagina because of some negative stories I’ve read about the insertables moving around in the doll and how unpleasant that can be. So I think the fixed vagina was the right decision, but I am a bit nervous about the cleaning! I am 6’2 and ~250 pounds with good muscle mass so hopefully, it isn’t too troublesome.
  • I went with rooted hair. I have heard over time that the hair can fall out if rooted but I really wanted rooted hair so hopefully all is well here.



P.S. If this one turns out well I am going to order a custom doll with a custom head via Rosemary as well (decided to start with a factory doll since this is my first one and would rather learn with a ~$3,000 doll than a ~$10,000 one).

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