My new Starpery 174 C babe From RosemaryDoll

By | November 21, 2023

Hello all

I bought it a few months ago a Starpery doll from RosemaryDoll. Since this forum has been a great help to discover the doll world, I thought I’d add my 2 cents. I apologize for my broken English…

  • The doll is a 174cm slim, C cup.
  • I chose Hedy and Lubby (she’s now called Riva Aly apparently…) heads, both in soft silicon. Hedy has implanted hair since Starpery does these hybrid heads allowing soft silicon and implanted hair. Lubby has a few wigs.
  • Full silicon body with heating 3.0, moaning, moles, freckles, gel breasts & butt, articulated fingers, and reduced weight (she’s around 27 kilos). The whole package

Here are a few pictures with, for now, Lubby’s head. Sorry, those are taken with a phone… Reality is always better!

2 thoughts on “My new Starpery 174 C babe From RosemaryDoll

  1. Bruce

    I have found myself coming back to Starpery silicone, time and time again. The eyes and face are wonderfully lifelike and far ahead of many of the other brands. The biggest challenge I have run into is a C-cup silicon body with sensible proporations. Not in any big rush, but I Am a bit annoyed at the vast number of disproportionate bodies. IMHO.


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