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By | February 28, 2024

Continuing my update on the 160J….

Of course, one of the most important facets of the SLE 160J doll is the head/face itself. I have to say that the head I received, after adding a great wig of my color preference, and costume jewelry, was again outstanding. And if you can manipulate your eyes and the J model’s eyes to make it look like the J model head is staring into your eyes, WOW! That meeting of eyes is a bit disturbing but in a good way. I have the 204 head I believe. Also I would recommend bob or short wigs. The long hair drove me nuts always catching on things, etc., especially when laying down. I’m sure some folks on TDF can help with minimizing this problem, but for new users like me, I was very grateful to have short wigs!

Here comes more information on my new 160J Doll from Zelex…

At first inspection, the breasts were exceptionally realistic and lively to the touch. Just as we had hoped (see video at bottom of post). The buttocks area was soft and realistic, as was the entire body. Just, dam, it was so well done I was shocked. The muscle outline, bulges, curves – everything was exceptionally realistic. As I first I ordered the J model (the day it shipped), I regretted it and wanted to change it to the K model – I was afraid the J model would be too big and ridiculously curvy. I was totally wrong. These dolls, to me, look much bigger in photographs than they are in real life in my opinion. As we were pulling the J model out of the box, I kept thinking, “dang, this doll is small!” I had read threads on TDF suggesting that the hips of the J doll were almost 24 inches wide (and that really worried me as too big), but in reality, they are 17 inches per our measurement. So, for those out there that may think the J model is too big for them, I urge you to rethink that. My buddy recently bought the Zelex SLE T model and it was really small compared to how it looks in pictures in my opinion. Look at how real the fingers look in the fourth picture down below!

And continuing on about the new Zelex 160J….

When we first unpackaged the J model, then added the head with the supplied wig, I was very very disappointed with the doll. I just didn’t like the “look” of the doll. Then, I replaced the wig with a black wig, and “DANG!” the J model was then perfect and outstanding! Funny how changing a wig can made that much of a difference in a person’s perception of a doll. For me, comparing the two pictures below, I hated the blond and just really enjoy the brunette look.

Before buying the J model, I was very concerned about the weight of the doll that I purchased. Given that the J model was heavier than the other Zelex SLE models, I could have been making the mistake of buying a doll that was too heavy for me to move, manipulate and store. That was not the case – at over 60 years of age, I was able to use leverage and brains to easily move and manipulate the J model wherever I needed it with a minimum of strain. Don’t get me wrong, these dolls are heavy, so be ready to take lifting them seriously – think about how you’ll use leverage to save your body prior to moving them!

And here’s more info on my new Zelex 160J…

Accessorizing: Before my 160J arrived, I did spend a good amount of time ordering inexpensive accessories for the doll – mostly through eBay: Lingerie, stiletto shoes, perfume, costume jewelry, talcum powder, S hook, wigs, etc. Note that the stiletto shoes, necklace, stockings/garter combination, talcum powder and perfume were incredibly important in my attraction and realistic interpretation and feel of the J model. The smell of the perfume is extraordinary when associated with a J model – don’t overlook that. The look and feel of the lingerie, shoes and costume jewelry made the J model even more outstanding. Take your time, spend $100 prior to receiving your doll, and buy the accessories – the investment is worth its’ weight in gold IMO.

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