Rosemary Dolls it top shelf in my book.

By | December 15, 2022

Sherry, Had to stick to plans. Got to open her this morning. Arrived yesterday.

1. Fedex gave her a rough ride. “Neck” pic shows slammed on her head and
shoulders. Neck bent to max. Glad SE makes strong frame.
2. Back arched and bent to max also. from terrible impact. Pic shown.
3. SE dolls need to glue the neck shoulder support foam to box.
It shifted with Sara. Neck and shoulders not supported. Hit the box.cardboard/ plywood.
Need thick support for stomach portion protects back..
4. Need to send me a glue kit. One of her thumbs poked through flesh. behind
fingernail. during shipping. I can repair that. Should be free for me all things
considered. Feet made it ok.
5. The green eyes I ordered were not in the box.
Rose did mention they might come seperate during sale.
6. Both heads came in perfect. #78 stirs my heart. Junkos head so innocent.
head pics. Both beautiful without makeup. I need to brush Sarah’s hair now.
7. Right shoulder squeaks loudly hope it settles down. Very stiff girl.
8. Ankles very hard to adjust. hope they loosen up.

Finally Took over an hour of careful adjustment to get her straiten out.
thought I was a chiropractor. LOL. Back not broken amazing.
But got her in her shower and she is ok after full inspection.
Her body is so beautiful without all the makeup.
Hanging pic. supplied.
Breasts not F cup as listed very happy with D cup.
Built pulley system to lift that high. I just make it lifting
the weight. Came in at 74lbs.
Top of her head comes to bottom of my nose absolutely Perfect.

Got her back to couch after warm soapy shower and powder. Head and hair back on.
Found out she was a virgin. Could not help myself. Not small in manhood so I was gentle.
If I dont get a heart attack LOL …..ill send picks of the cute stuff I got her.
Tonight after time on the electric blanket. She wont need any clothes. LOL. Just me, and
another shower / powder.

Please address the green eyes and the glue kit for me.
Other than that. She’s a beautiful Sarah. She will change my life I see that now.

Thank you and all the girls for all your help. Rosemary Dolls it top shelf in my book.

SteveKissing heart

Reviewed By Steven Pettingill
Product: 158cm/5ft2 F-cup TPE Sex Doll – Junko [In Stock]

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