She has been amazing and a great partner.

By | January 16, 2023
She has been amazing and a great partner. I am very happy with her. She has a perfect body to my liking which i find attractive in a woman. I do have a hard time setting her up to stand as she tends to collapse on the floor, often she is out of portion to the center of her weight. Being a dead weight, I spend quite a workout putting her into various positions and places. Her joints are hard to move, spends time getting a workout just to move her. Still worth it. Even when she is in constant need of cleaning, and some of the TPE has to warn and torn (mostly in the finger and hands) she still looks great standing in the shower. 98% of the time I have her laying down in bed waiting for me to come home, and I have spent a paycheck or two on new clothes and lingerie. Most of all, despite being alone, I don’t feel as alone. That has helped me out a lot. I think it was well worth the cost. I only really recommend that there is a DVD instruction manual to properly clean, stand, move, and position our lovedoll, the do’s and don’t. Like I learned to avoid colored clothing the dye in the fabrics will stain the doll (especially dark colors such as black). I definitely love my lovedoll I worry about how long a TPE doll will last; and if and when to invest into another doll.

Reviewed By Michael F.
Product: 166cm/5ft5 A-cup TPE Sex Doll – Bell

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