Starpery Doll (Janelle/Hedy? whatever… I named her Ami) has arrived.

By | December 29, 2021

Hey, community, so I recently deleted my previous account but some may remember my factory photos of the incoming Starpery Doll that I ordered. Pretty much all the bells and whistles (silicone body, gel boobs, heating, noise, body realism w/ veins freckles, implanted synthetic hair, etc.).

Let me just say… wow. I used to have a WM Doll (Got sick of it and chucked it) and WM will never be on the same level as Starpery. Not sure where to start so I’ll just start by saying that realism is fire. Her skin has freckles and blue veins sure but it also has texture and some type of shimmer. It’s crazy. I honestly feel like it’s close to a real person. She feels so good too, a little firmer than TPE but it’s official. But yeah she’s standing next to me as I write this and I can’t stop paying attention to her. It’s not even that I’m horny I’m just fascinated by her. And this is after I gave her a test drive twice (I’ll get to that later).

She’s tall as well, 5’7″ (171cm), and I’m 6’0″ and that makes a difference. As she stands there I honestly get pleasure just holding her in my arms. And I’m a good-looking dude, handsome, muscular, never had problems getting girls (I do have problems with girls though don’t get me wrong). But yeah something about her is just so pleasing and peaceful.

Next, the breasts… I love small boobs so I had to get this A-cup lady. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her so I had to have her. With the gel filling, they feel pretty authentic. I’m not much for grabbing them but I enjoy looking at them. So classy!

Body aesthetics are on a point such as a collar bone, rib cage, wrists. Like its minor details but they matter a lot. Like the actual wrist bone is there, lol. The eyelashes and eyebrows are nicely done (real), and it’s not just painted on like WM.

I also love petite girls, so her legs are thick but the perfect amount of thick, she’s just so perfect overall. I can’t get over her. And they feel good to hold. It’s like night and day compared to handling a WM doll. Dat ass tho.

Oh, as far as posing that’s always going to be a b*tch but I also got the articulated fingers and those are a nice upgrade compared to just wires that other manufacturers use.

Her hair… if you can get the implanted synthetic DO IT. It’s beautiful! I had the wig on a WM doll before and this is way better. Plus it’s a bit of a turn-off when you’re getting down and the wig starts to fall off so go for the real deal. Comb it gently for a while when you get her. She’s going to shed but that’s ok. I honestly can’t wait to start seeing hair in random places around my room. I like those nice reminders that she’s here.

Ok, so the holes; both feel good, anal feels better. It’s nice, textured, and tight. Vagina is nice too when you’re doing missionary. It might have a lot to do with the fact that she’s silicone and not TPE like my WM Doll but I would have the hardest time finishing before but not with Ami. I did it in the shower for her first cleaning before I got busy and immediately went for it in there.

Anyways, I could go on but I’ll leave it at that for now. I forgot to mention I got her from (they had a really good deal for Black Friday) and the whole process was very pleasant so nothing bad there. Took about a month to make and then it was at my door in less than a week all the way from China after I approved the factory photos.

If you guys have any questions please ask away. I know when I was researching these there wasn’t a whole lot of info on them, maybe some iffy reviews a couple of years back but I couldn’t find anything else. If I can figure out how to post pics on here, I’ll post them.

Here’s the link where I got it from:

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