This Starpery doll is amazing, and RosemaryDoll is too!

By | April 12, 2023
I have had an amazing experience with RosemaryDoll and the Starpery 165D as my first doll. She is so wonderfully thick, with nice wide hips and a fat ass. The view in doggy style is phenomenal, especially with the updated hole positioning. Doggy is my favorite and I am very happy with the purchase haha. I got her in silicone, which is more expensive but I think it is worth it. Dolls with more full figures like thick legs, hips, etc. are always going to be heavier than a slim doll of the same height. So I think weight reduction is important for ease of enjoyment. With the silicone body, you can get a gel-filled butt which makes the ass super jiggly, even with the weight reduction foam core, so you get a nice ass along with the lighter body. The boobs are even more jiggly and fun. The whole textures are very pleasurable, with the anal feeling especially realistic imo. I chose the wheat body color and I would definitely recommend it to others. The standing feet with no bolts work well, but if you enjoy playing with feet I would stick with the other options as these feet need to be pretty hard to stand safely. Overall, the doll has been a lot of fun! RosemaryDoll has been amazing with customer service. I feel as though you can truly trust that they have your best interests at heart, and are willing to discuss and answer any questions you may have along the way. I’m not even saying that because they’re paying me too, I really feel it. They are giving me a $10 point bonus but I’d write this review anyways. Thanks RosemaryDoll!

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