TOP Sino – 95cm Torso doll – OMG! and She’s ON HER WAY!

By | March 8, 2023

About 5 or 6 months ago I realized that a dream of mine was finally possible. As a young adult, I went through my fair share of fleshlights and watched an excess of porn. Pornography has never been a healthy outlet for me, however, and always in the back of my head, I thought that one day, when I wasn’t a broke fresh-out-of-college kid, and when the technology was available, I’d pick up a sex doll. Fast forward 20 years, and I had all but forgotten about this seemingly impossible fantasy. I was very horny one day, VERY tempted to look at online porn, but was resisting the urge. Then, a lightbulb went on in my head! “Wait a minute, what’s the deal with sex dolls these days?” I was not in the loop at all and immediately searched for “real dolls” because that was the name I remembered from long ago. This led me down the rabbit hole, and I was blown away by the advanced nature of these dolls, all the different brands and styles and materials, and finally, FINALLY, I was not a broke whippersnapper and could afford one!

I settled on RosemaryDoll as a vendor — awesome site, by the way — and purchased my first doll circa last December 2022. It was a WM TPE doll — 164cm F cup — that Rosemary doll had in stock, so very little wait time, because, frankly, I couldn’t wait very long! I was way too excited. The doll arrived about 10 days after I ordered it, and it was pretty damn cool and very hot. A very nice doll indeed. But quickly I began to realize I’d made a mistake. Despite being a pretty big and strong guy myself, this particular doll, weighing in at 33kg, was just a little much. She was tall, too, and it was super awkward to maneuver her, especially for cleanup. It was also hard to find a good place to store such a life-size doll. So, unfortunately, within a week I decided to part with her :( It was just too cumbersome and too much work with a doll that size.

But now I was hooked, and I had learned many valuable lessons with this first purchase. I also had several wigs that came with the doll that I kept, and some outfits and accessories/cleaning supplies. I needed to take my newfound knowledge and buy a better doll for my needs.

Back to, I went, and I also scoured the DollForum for as much info and as many different opinions as possible. The WM doll was pricey but not outrageous, and I decided I wanted to up the ante a little and go for higher quality — something silicone and something much easier to handle. I’m not really into photography with dolls, so I wanted something efficient and very usable in the bedroom. I finally settled on the Top-Sino torso doll, 95cm weighing in at 27kg. For me, the weight of the first doll was kind of the issue, but really the height and length of the limbs were what I found most difficult to deal with. Her legs were freakin’ long! I also wanted something much easier to store. So this torso doll fit the bill in many ways, and I really liked the Top-Sino look.

I ordered the doll on January 17th, 2023, and a few days ago Sherry from RosemaryDoll sent me factory photos! This was about 3 weeks earlier than she had anticipated it would be complete, which was very exciting! And when I saw the photos….DAMN. HOT DAMN! This is the T20 head, no RSS or any painting because I do plan to be intimate with her A LOT. I don’t know if it’s just me, but her face is ridiculously beautiful. The factory photos seem to look way prettier than the modeled, official pics on the vendor sites do. Like, yeesh. I’m in love 8O :oops:

I will do a more complete review when I receive her. Sherry said it will take about 7-12 days to reach the US, and then FedEx will ship from California. Sorry for the long read…but at last, here’s the eye candy:

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