Torso arrived – a good purchase

By | March 27, 2024

I wanted a torso for ease of moving a doll around the house. I have three silicone dolls from 150cm to 160mm. They a largely eye candy but it is an effort to move them about and they have never stood up. My 160CM Sanhui (my favorite)is nearing the end of her live and I decided the try a torso as her replacement. I would have bought a Sanhui torso ut they only come with a skin texture painted on and I am tired on dealing with fading or peeling paint.

Rosemary Doll had a good combination of selection and price. They were very helpful in choosing options and giving me a discount.

I settled on a 66cm Chiharu which has been patiently waiting for me to unbox her. I should have done it sooner as she exactly what i was seeking. The torso is managable and life like. It is on the small size, probably closer to a 145CM than150cm but well proportioned. I am pleased I got a torso with arms and thigh stubs despite the added weight. The head is very soft silicone.

She has been washed will be powdered and then comes the challenge of what she will wear. That will be settled in a later posting.

The Chiharu 66cm silicone torso is manufactured by MLW (formerly known as MyLoliWaifu).

Rosemary Dolls lists this torso as “This doll has MLW Doll head #5 & body #T1” and there are 15 heads to chose from but only one body (torso). I chose the Chiharu default head with a moveable jaw because I have a couple of Zelex heads which I intend to mount on the torso. All the MLW heads look to have a too young Asian face whereas I prefer a more mature look (Asian or Caucasian).

I hope thsi helps just a guy.

I have placed the Chiharu head on the torso. I have not used the wig provided by Rosemary doll. Rosemary Doll/MLW included a useful range of accessories with the doll.

I checked the Chiharu face with the “how old am I” app which determined she was 22 years old.

I haven’t yet chosen a name but here are some pictures before her wardrobe arrives in the mail. I’ll post more photos when she is name and dressed.

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