TPE doll vs Silicon doll review

By | July 6, 2022

I ordered this TPE doll to compare it to a silicon doll I ordered previously. By comparison, this TPE doll is much more squishier, more poseable (due to better skeleton option selected), and more accessible. The only downside is that the high quality silicon doll’s skin texture feels much more realistic than the TPE skin, but the silicon is less soft and more stiff. Overall, I like the feeling of hugging this TPE doll more than my silicon one but both are equally great buys. The TPE doll came with some cosmetic damage during delivery but MFR was able to respond quickly and send me repair glue and parts free of charge, no questions asked. Thanks for great service!

Reviewed By Qing
Product: 151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll

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