Zelex 170cm g45 from RosemaryDoll

By | January 24, 2024

So… starting a thread after pulling the trigger on a new doll. I’ve been hanging around doing research and trying to understand if this is for me. I placed the order December 10th and it is going to be delivered tomorrow. My vendor was RosemaryDoll they were on top of the whole thing, promptly responding to any questions and even accommodating a small change a week after my order. Overall 10/10 experience. The only piece of feedback would be better/more pictures from the factory, but that would be a nice to have.

Once I get past the post limit I will begin uploading pictures.

My reasons for getting a doll are a bit unique I guess, I am happily married and my wife is my best friend. We are in our 30s and we are both still very much attracted to each other, pretty fit and live very active lives. My hope is that this doll fills in some of the things I’ve always wanted to experience and ultimately spicing things up in our intimate life.

Believe it or not opening up a conversation about what I was missing and what I would like to do within the confines of our intimacy was something that unlocked a new level for us. Being really open and honest which was a theme I found in the forum, has made things even better. I applaud my wife for being so candid about the situation and explaining the things she was looking for and allowing me to express the things I am looking for. Also amazed by her confidence not to feel threatened by the doll, though I did share the doll is not a replacement, it’s just a toy like any other we already have. Even if this doll doesn’t do what I think it will do, the conversations that it triggered definitely unlocked a new level of intimacy for my wife and I.


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