Zelex and Rosemary Doll. A winning combination!

By | July 18, 2023

I Ordered this Zelex Doll back in April and received it in early June. I’ve waited to post a review for a while for multiple reasons, but in reality, it has given me time to appreciate this product.

First thing, this doll is incredibly realistic. Details like skin pores, veins, and slight imperfections you’d expect in a live person’s skin are spotted when looking for them. The doll is solidly constructed, which is great because I’m large and kind of rough by nature. Admittedly, I do wish the doll was much taller and generally larger. The height is advertised as 5 foot 4 inches with an F-Cup but seems a bit smaller than that all around. Going back to my size, I’m about 6 foot 3 inches and 270lbs. So the size difference is stark. If this were a real woman, I’d say she could weigh no more than 90lbs flat (actual weight is close to 70lbs) So if you are stronger and taller, I might recommend one of the taller, heavier models; unless the absolute carnage of massive size disparity is your thing. No judgments.

The new Zelex skeleton seems sturdy and rather flexible if you have the general strength to manipulate it properly. You can see some of the poses achievable that I posted. This doll came with the advanced oral function head. I do like the expressions that this head allows, but found the actual cavity uncomfortable and too shallow; so I don’t use it. But I would definitely buy one again just for achievable facial expressions. The gel butt and breasts are a must! The bounce they provide is great. I would also in general HIGHLY recommend silicone. I’ve had some smaller sex toys made of TPE in the past and they seem to all have a similar issue: they are high maintenance. They stain easily and become sticky once the powdered coat wears off, or is washed off. You then have to powder them to restore them. You don’t have to worry about that with this silicone doll. Just wash it with a washcloth as you would yourself and dry it with a towel. And any stains on this product is entirely temporary. I put a pair of black underwear on this for a day and it stained the skin a deep purple that looked like a bruise. Within a week, the stain was gone. This would have been 100% permanent on anything made of TPE.

I bought a doll with fixed openings. The openings on this doll size may be a bit tight for the over-average male. You are free to google what the “average size” is: I’m about 20% bigger than that all around. The tightness does wear off but at the expensive of some mild damage to the openings. The vaginal opening is holding up well, with just some slight loss of color in the canal. The anal opening however might be destroyed if I continue to use it aggressively, but I cannot be sure of that. In the pictures provided you can see a slight tear in the anal opening. That occurred at some point during the month I’ve had it. No big deal though, it doesn’t seem as though the tear will stretch too much further as it has lost most of its uncomfortable tightness.

All in all, I’m more than impressed with this product! Even in my stated criticism; which has much more to do with the size difference between me and the doll than its overall quality. I’m sure in time I’ll eventually wreck this doll, but it will just give me the excuse to buy a larger one in the future! And Zelex will certainly be a primary contender in my next purchase. Cannot recommend Rosemary Doll enough for a purchase. Zelex did a stellar job on creating a lifelike product that may actually startle you if you forgot that the doll is standing somewhere in the open!

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