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Fast, easy, and painless.

I had never ordered a doll before, but Rose made sure to help make the process as streamlined and simple as possible! Great communication and she arrived right on time. Next order I make will definitely be through them again! Reviewed By Richard S. Product: 156cm/5ft1 G-cup TPE Sex Doll – Christina

Perfect Doll!

l was quite impressed with this doll. The skin texture, weight, and softness are perfect. The metal skeleton can keep its shape well. The two openings are deep enough for a large man, and it is nicely proportioned. The price seems a bit high, but it's a very good item. I've seen much cheaper junk… Read More »

You will Not be disappointed.

This is DEFINATELY soft but not too soft. The breasts are firm and very nice. Other than that weight is nice, the texture is nice. Both holes feel entirely different and it's not too tight or loose. It is fairly easy to clean, but difficult to dry. You need to put a small washcloth or… Read More »

Great Doll With Super Realistic Feeling

This love doll is the most realistic one I own. To be honest, I was surprised at its quality. Both openings are very satisfying, and the interior textures are great. You can even feel the suction when using the doll. My doll weighs 55 pounds, much heavier than you think, which increases realism and also… Read More »

Good proportions and great feel

In terms of feeling and quality, honestly, you can't beat an item like this. Having a love doll is a whole different feel to Masturbation sleeves. If you're tired of masturbation sleeves, I would highly recommend you move up to the sex doll which is bigger and better. There are two holes, vaginal and anal.… Read More »

Extremely Fun Doll

Reviewed By Storyman23 Product: 156cm/5ft1 G-cup TPE Sex Doll – Fiona Actually, I've tried a few of these kinds of adult toys, but it's the first time I tried the whole torso and is a whole new experience. The breasts are very soft and squeezable. It's so nice to be able to hold the whole… Read More »

Realistic skin-feel

The toy is made out of TPE or Silicone for a very realistic skin-feel. This isn't hard plastic or rubber. That's a great thing! Everything is very detailed, and the feeling is very perfect! Highly recommended and such a nice value for the price! Reviewed By Barnett Product: 128cm/4ft2 A-cup TPE Sex Doll – Margaret


The doll was unlike any other smaller sex doll I had. She was so bigger than I was expecting, which is a great thing. I almost canceled the order because of the price, but I'm glad I didn't. She is worth every penny I spent on it. The holes are tight and textured. Making love… Read More »