By | January 3, 2024

I finally found the time to assemble my new Funwest sex doll. The doll I purchased was the 159 cm/5ft2 K-cup TPE Sex Doll – Coco in the color cocoa. First I would like to say, Rosemary Dolls did a professional job keeping me informed on the progress of my purchase. I always knew what stage my doll was in; from the order, to manufacturing, to shipment (well packaged with zero damage to the box or contexts) and the final delivery. They also gave me the opportunity to change the doll’s color from black to cocoa without adding cost to the item. Now for the doll itself, the doll looks great; the cocoa color was the right choice and looks great for this type of doll. The figure of the doll is anatomically more accurate than most large-breasted dolls. The doll has the correct wider hips/butt and narrow waist to give the doll that classic hourglass shape. The doll is a bit heavy but can be easily handled if you are carefully moving the doll. Also, the doll comes with several extra goodies to make the purchase worth the wait. Thanks again RosemaryDoll.

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