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Billiams review of RosemaryDoll

They did very good! I am happy with their competitive pricing and customer service! I give them a HELL YEAH! This is the doll I purchased from them. She's a Funwest Doll 159A. She also gets a HELL YEAH! Reviewed By The Doll Forum Product: 159cm/5ft2 A-cup TPE Sex Doll – Eudora

I’m in love!

So Eudora is wonderful, has great looks and the skeleton works great until it's broken in it kinda sounds like wood rubbing against wood, but she makes for an excellent sleeping companion to cuddle and we'll spend time with. I bought the shrugging shoulders, realistic detailing, tongue, fixed vag, a spare head, and articulated fingers,… Read More »


I knew this Doll was a must-have purchase the moment I saw her. This Vi Replica would've been a solid purchase even as a Fan of Arcane, but the Body is so sexually appealing and the detail is divine. It has the most gorgeous Figure, pert breasts, and wide hips with a gorgeous curved ass… Read More »