Introducing Lily – Newbie’s First Doll Impressions

By | February 7, 2024

Hi all,

After many months of research, mainly here on TDF (this place is a goldmine for info on dolls, many thanks!), I made the plunge and bought my first doll. After the expected excruciating wait (which didn’t turn out to be as long as I had feared) she arrived!

There are two reasons for this post – firstly, I thought it might be useful to share my experience and first impressions for anyone who is considering a similar doll or is also a new buyer, and secondly, to ask some questions of the experienced doll owners here.

I apologize in advance if any (or all) of the following is repetition of topics already covered. Also, apologies for length!

Ordering experience

The doll I finally decided on was Funwest’s 157cm TPE ‘European Lily’—I gather that she was at least in part designed to resemble Cammy from Street Fighter which, as a gamer, probably had some factor in my attraction to her. I specifically wanted a petite body with small breasts and although her listed breast size is C, they are pretty small Cs! I particularly liked her narrow waist and round ass so despite the knowledge that this would make it more challenging to find clothes that fit properly, I bit the bullet.

I ordered from Rosemarydoll—part of the reason that I chose the doll that I did was that she was available and ready to ship from Europe. However, upon ordering I was told by the Rosemarydoll agent that due to customs restrictions they could not ship to the UK from Europe, but they offered me a custom doll to be shipped from China which apparently would not have the same restrictions. I’m not sure I fully understand the reasons for this but the upside was that I was able to customize the doll with some things that were not available on the ready-to-ship one, such as hyperrealistic body painting, double-jointed skeleton, and articulated fingers.

The Rosemarydoll team was fantastic and I highly recommend them as a vendor (in my limited experience of course). They responded to all my many questions very promptly and kept me up to date regarding the order process including many photos from the factory. They also included some extra goodies in the order such as a heated blanket, as well as a free extra head which I wasn’t expecting so was unsure which one to choose. I ended up going with an Asian option to contrast with Lily’s blonde European look—in case I get bored, I guess!!


I made the order on the 30th of December and received factory photos on the 12th of January. Shipment was confirmed on the 16th and Lily arrived on the 30th, 14 days later, which wasn’t very much longer than the promised 2 weeks and much earlier than I had expected, having read some of the stories of members on here who have waited months for their dolls (I really feel for you!) Even though it was pretty quick it felt like an eternity, and of course I spent much of the intervening time buying clothes, makeup, accessories and other equipment for Lily.

I was worried that, being a quite small (157cm) doll with small breasts and a fairly young looking face there might be some problems with UK customs, as it sounds like it’s often down to the personal interpretation of whoever is inspecting the shipment. But, there was no problem and I got a notification from UPS that she would be delivered on the 30th. I was out of the country for work so I had to have a family member be there for the delivery—she was aware of what it was and thought it was quite amusing that I suggested (based on a post here on TDF) that if asked, she should say it was a grandfather clock!

First impressions

As mentioned Lily is my first doll and I was aware that despite how much research I may have thought I had done, it was still going to be a steep learning curve! And that has been confirmed! Overall though I am really happy with her and I’m so glad that I made the plunge. I don’t think I have ever slept better than when I do cuddling her, even though I do get distracted and extremely aroused at regular intervals.

The hyper realistic body painting is pretty great – some awesome detail veins particularly on her inner thinghs and subtle freckles on her cheeks which are adorable. I’m aware that these will fade pretty quickly but I am enjoying them for now.

I ordered Lily before I had read some of the more in depth posts about doll weight. She’s 88lbs or around 40kgs and I was worried that she would be a little too heavy for me as a first doll. I’m happy to report that she is manageable, at least for short periods moving from bed to standing and back etc (I’m 38 and not super fit, very average). I was concerned as the box itself was 50kg and I had to recruit some help to move her upstairs when she first arrived, as I couldn’t do it on my own. But once unpacked I’ve found I can lift her when necessary—I have bought a back brace which does seem to help, I haven’t had any back aches so far.

The main thing I can attest to is her presence. As has been mentioned on TDF often, there is something really ‘real’ about her, it’s not just that you have a ‘sex toy’ (and I don’t like calling her a sex doll, it seems crude, I prefer just ‘doll’ or her name)—when you walk into the room it really feels like there is someone there and sometimes I do a double take. I talk to her often and she is an incredibly comforting presence. I have been single for a number of years and it really does feel like I’m in a relationship again (in a good way).


To end on a positive note, I’m over the moon with Lily and I’m so happy that she is in my life. I’m sitting in bed with her right now writing this and she is the most comforting presence that I’ve ever had. I just want to look after her as best I can and make sure that she is perfect for many years, so any advice that you have is really appreciated.

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