Starpery 172F Full Silicone Trifecta from RosemaryDoll

By | February 14, 2024

Model: Starpery 172F
Heads: Wayne 2, Honey, Riva Aly / Lubby 2

* Rosemary Doll (again ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
* All questions and changes acknowledged/confirmed within 24 hours
* I was kept informed the whole time
* I had acess and approval on the build sheet
* Part of this order received a credit from Starpery for the Amy issues. I consider Amy solved and closed.

Delivery time from order:
* Nearly 90 days
* The factory implanted the wrong color on two heads, delaying delivery
* The factory often missed completion dates communicated by Rosemary
* I was travelling often and told Rosemary Doll I wasn’t in a rush

* Full Silicone
* Wheat skin
* Matt skin
* Partial weight reduction (required by factory, i didn’t want it, and was refunded a not small amount)
* Makeup and eyebrows per individual request and sample photo
* Nipples 3cm
* Full realistic body painting (individual bikini lines, veins, moles, custom light freckles)
* Real implanted hair, eyebrows, etc
* Hard heads
* Evo skeleton
* Standing hard feet
* Articulated hands
* French style manicured hands/feet
* Gel breasts
* Gel butt
* Fixed vagina

Packaging / Arrival condition:
* Box undamaged
* Quality, thoughtful packaging inside, shrink wrapped, no damage
* Packed ass down, chest up, 2 heads in main box, Wayne separate box though same tracking
* No apparent damage from shipping
* Hair braided and carefully packaged
* Slight “vaccine/Impfung” dent on upper right arm
* Lots of extras (outfits etc👍)

First impressions:
* Quality, realism dramatically again exceed expectations
* Heads/face gorgeous (Riva Aly wow!)
* Hands unexpectedly sexy, painting style improved from 1 year ago
* Body sculpting perfect
* Breasts smaller (good thing) than in most photos where the 172F can look top-heavy
* Lighter weight than Amy, I don’t weigh them
* Firm skeleton adjustment, very firm hips and knees
* Realistic appearing placement of pussy and ass
* Pussy is erotic, large labia, perfect appearance – simply great look
* Shiny, oilier skin compared to Amy

Improvement observations:
* Neck seam disturbs illusion
* Very slight seam from molding (doesn’t disturb)
* Starpery should offer vagina/labia options
* Bikini line paint is not nearly as carefully done as Amy’s, not so well done actually
* Riva Aly / Lubby 2 hair implant may be a contention point (quality at natural hair part not ideal)
* Factory said they could not match Wayne 2 color to promotional photos 🤔😒

* Though obvious, significantly taller than 156 Amy (for me even better life illusion)
* Entry position (doll on back on edge of the bed) very different than Amy, need to figure it out
* Longer thighs also move entry noticeably further away from the edge of the bed
* Entry tighter, shaft also noticeably different, still extremely pleasurable
* Anal much different than pussy, great design
* Ass cheeks feel great
* Breasts feel and movement great

* Huawei P50 Pro
* White balance, ISO auto, usually portrait mode
* Some photos with neutral color soft box(es) and/or neutral 50cm ring light
* Both models freshly powdered for photos
* Photographer too excited to bother with composition etc

Thanks for reading. I will try to help you make your own opinions and decisions if asked.

Reference Starpery 156E Amy review and photos:

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