My Review of Rosemary Dolls 2024 Angelkiss 157 AK6

By | April 17, 2024

This will entail my experience spanning shopping, ordering, delivery and customer service.

I really enjoyed Rosemary Dolls shopping experience. They include lots of factory photos and specifications for the models. It is easy to search by brand, silicone, height, weight and several other criteria. Only a select few other vendors offer this level of detail so you can find and filter out what you are looking for. I would recommend they consider adding a comparison tool to look across 3 or 4 models and compare specifications. Most options for the dolls are graphically represented and include a cost if applicable.

I originally considered the Irontech 148 but was notified by customer service that my selected options and configuration was not possible by the factory and would result in a different higher cost. So it was back to the drawing board. Angelkiss was also high on my rankings and with the New year promo included 2 heads. There were not a lot of photos of the #198 head and I was afraid initially that they would be too similar. However, Im happy that they are very different. So far I am favoring the #45 head.

I ordered my AngelKiss from RosemaryDoll on February 18th. She is a 157cm AK6.

As of today on March 28 (40 days later), I received the message her production was complete and factory photos:

RosemaryDoll is amazing. I don’t know how but she suddenly arrived today safely and in perfect condition :angel:

All total 51 days from order confirmation/payment receipt to delivery to my door….Not bad! I was fully expecting 65+ days but I guess she had enough waiting. No slow boat from China….she literally flew here!

Just yesterday (Sunday) I received the tracking number and Sue at RosemaryDoll said to expect at least two weeks before she arrives in USA and clears customs to be released to UPS for delivery. So this morning as I was getting settled into work (barely one coffee into it)… I entered the tracking number into the UPS app said she is scheduled for delivery today. By the time I cleared the decks at work and headed home, her status already updated to “out for delivery”.

I’ll keep this first impression unboxing on the shorter side (and do a separate more indepth review in a new thread soon).

Box arrived in great shape, it was plastic shrink wrapped which only had some minor tears and a tiny oil stain (probably from a dolly cart somewhere). I doubt customs even opened her as all the shipping seals and tape were fully intact. Inside the box she was very securely held. Without doubt this was the best packing I’ve seen in over 10 dolls and 10 years doing this. Inside was form-fitted foam blocks wrapped with a odd fuzzy blanket. The box long sides were reinforced with thin plywood panels for strength and stability. Body was individually wrapped in a huge mesh bag and wrapped again with another cotton blend microfiber blanket. Hands were bubble wrapped, and feet had nylon socks and sneakers on. Heads were also bagged and had protective eye masks inserted into separate foam cutouts between the legs. Also inside the box were 2 wigs (straight long purple and black), usb warmer wand, white cotton bikini, pink lingerie set with teddy, panties and robe. An WM branded glossy paper manual, gloves, drying stick, douche, hanging bolt and hook and brush.

Both heads are beautiful and very firm silicone. The #45 (dubbed Olivia) head is my favorite and very wide eyed and expressive. Matte finish skin and very solid skull. She takes some considerable powedering to get silky to touch. She has a very tight oral with no facial or eye deformation. Unfortunately her teeth paint is already gone after washing and finger probes. 😥 I’ll order a new teeth and tongue set from Von Rubber and the Doll Factory. The #198 (I’ll call her Casandra) head comes in a close second only in function. I could have sworn was supposed to have moveable jaw but has no oral or jaw whatsoever. 😥 I verified the order sheet and it’s not clearly indicated, I would have enjoyed trying the jaw features but not a huge issue. This head’s silicone is very firm and matte finish with a rather odd feeling artificial skin texture that does not take powder very well and does not get very silky smooth. Both heads skin texture will likely hold makeup well. Both heads also came with implanted eyebrows (a feature not specifically requested) but I’m enjoying the added realism. Both heads have integrated easy-move (spring tensioned) eyes which are also a nice touch, however, I favor MannequinFan’s magnetic realistic eyes and will use his later.

The body is amazing and in practically perfect condition. Of course she has the usual seam lines and a few minor scuffs, dimples and scars from the mold and skeletal positioning during the pour process (nothing major). Body and head come in at manageable 68lbs. Exactly the ratios of curves, weight and realistic details I was hoping for!!! I can confirm LHP is in perfect position IMHO. She has articulated fingers and hardened silicone hands. The transition from firm to soft silicone is noticeable in a clear color change but not a show stopper. She was ordered with non-standing feet but she arrived with the firmer reinforced standing feet (no bolts). Again there is a noticeable transition point above the ankles but only a very slight mushrooming when legs are flexed or extended (a little disappointing as I was aiming for perfect legs). However, I think I’ll appreciate the firmer reinforcement for the feet longevity and adds some lovely foot wrinkles and vein details. She will almost always be wearing pantyhose and those legs are long, shapely and heaven sent. Her skin is the perfect combination of soft and supple where I like and firm in the right areas. Breasts do not appear to be F cups…more like E cups but I’m not a huge breast guy. They are wonderfuly soft and realistic with wonderful side boob….easily my all time favorite doll breasts. Also my all time favorite silicone skin, it’s not shiney when dry and seems to have a nice matte finish and realistic skin texture, little wrinkles with vein and blushing painted details. Unlike the heads, her body easily takes powder and transforms into a silky soft goddess. Joints so far are at a perfect tension and move smoothly with no creaks. Arms and legs and back support her weight when posed properly. Only negative is her knees are not able to super flex for her to comfortably do a sitting on her heels pose,

Overall I’m very happy and happy with the level of service in RosemaryDoll. I give them a 10/10.

This has already gone long….but more details and additional photos coming in a separate deep dive doll review and answer any questions.

We haven’t been overly intimate yet…. Practically only unpacked, showered, powdered and some simple pics.

While in the shower with just finger examination, she has amazingly tights anus and wonderfully textured vagina.

Tonight will be cuddles and waiting a few days for her female condoms to arrive. Certainly more to come.

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