New Doll Incoming

By | April 10, 2024

I ordered a Shedoll Chu Yue from RosemaryDoll early this month and I was recently given factory photos and was told she should soon be shipped to me. I just have to share and show how pretty she is, and I may have to break my rule of “1 doll per manufacturer”, and order another Shedoll. 😀

Thanks for the replies, so after getting the photos from Rosemarydoll, the shipping took 10 days via FedEx. Overall I am super happy with her quality. There was a slight red mark on her left breast, but eh, after the fiasco with the WMDoll, I am so happy with this doll. 😆

Her face is a bit shiny because it’s silicone, but not annoyingly so. She also came with a TPE tongue, which don’t make sense since her mouth doesn’t open. Oh well, extra part in the bin I guess.

lso I checked her LHP, and I can confirm that it’s in the proper place. I know Shedoll doesn’t like taking photos of their doll’s holes for some reason. Although her holes are really really small, especially her anus.

Also out of the three dolls I currently own, she has the softest, jiggliest breasts (gel-filled) and she has the most realistic hands.

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